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Selling a Property in Square One Mississauga

For some people, the mere thought of selling a property in Square One in Mississauga can mean  running on  a gamut of emotional circus. Most especially if they don’t have any prior experience in selling a house. Selling your house, condominium unit or a humble townhouse can be a time-consuming and emotionally-draining process. If you are a very private person and decided to sell your house, be prepared to receive strangers. They will poke into your kitchen and bedroom cabinets, trying to inspect something. Worse is, sometimes you may even hear them  criticizing your home.  That’ is inevitable and you need to be prepared for that.

However, hiring a qualified realtor to help you out in your house selling project is a wise decision to make. These professionals understand where you are coming from as a homeowner, and therefore you can see it from their actuations that their goal is always geared towards protecting and upholding your best interest. Curtis Borel is among the most sought after real estate agents in Square One. His clients have always held him in high esteem due to his professionalism and good work ethics. You might want to consider consulting him first if you are planning to sell your house anytime soon.

The moment that a homeowner decided to sell his house, condominium unit or townhouse on his own,  he is running the risk of getting into a lot of mistakes. Such mistakes and errors in decision can be avoided altogether by having a qualified realtor around, and Curtis can definitely show you how.

Curtis advises his clients not to sell their home from a homeowner point of view. He makes them shift their perspective from a homeowner to being a businessman instead. This will help keep them from becoming somehow emotional during the house sale process. It is undeniable that as a homeowner, they’ve knitted a lot of fond memories in their house, however, they have to have control of how they feel otherwise it will draw them back. The moment that they pace themselves from a financial perspective only, it will help them veer away from their emotional tendencies.

Keep in mind that your prospective buyers may be in a mutually emotional state when looking for a house to buy. You are not just selling your house, but comes with that is a lifestyle, a dream to have, a life to gain. Curtis will help you understand why you need to present your house for staging in its best shape and condition. It is not just to help you earn a top dollar for your house sale efforts, but one other purpose is to have  a safe emotional distance from it while trying to sell it off. Changing how your house looks like from the inside will make it look less familiar, and therefore easier to sell and let go.

Seeking assistance from Curtis in selling your house in Square One will also enable you to offer it in the property market at a reasonable, realistic price. An overpriced house will never make it. Trying to put it up on your own would just be too risky. Also, remember the time when you are seeking for a house to buy and you did comparative analysis of home prices then. Your prospective buyers will do the same and since you are now going to be the homeseller now you should be one step ahead of the game, too.

As a homeseller, set your expectations that your future prospective buyers will try to negotiate your asking price. Curtis will help you understand why you have to play the game if you want to complete a sale transaction, but the catch here is he will show you how to put your best interest forward without compromising your buyer’s in a subtle manner. It is a mutual benefit for both parties, that is. One reason why Curtis is among the most sought after realtors in Square One today is because he knows how to make buyers feel they’re getting more value from a property sale transaction while at the same time you,  as a homeowner, get the amount you want from the sale. This is very important in a property sale transaction.  You will scarcely come across a realtor who can make this happen.

Accept the fact that selling your house, condominium unit, or townhouse on your own will be a time-consuming, expensive and at times energy-draining thing to do. Therefore, you need to get all the help you can get to get through to it with your sanity intact.

Choose to sell your house on your own and you will :

  • Setup and arrange home viewing/visit to prospective buyers. This includes staging, cleaning and arranging your home interiors and make them look as spacious, comfy and versatile as possible.
  • Setting up the price for your house. This is risky if you have no relevant background in the real estate business. You may run the risk of setting it up the price too high or too low.
  • Marketing the house to prospective buyers. You may have a network of friends, relatives and so forth, however, they may not be relevant to become prospective buyers.
  • Negotiating offers. The gift of gab and the power of persuasion are essential elements in negotiating a sale transaction. Without these attributes, you are going to have a hard time reaching an immediate sale.
  • Documenting of sale with the help of solicitors and conveyancers.

Selling a property in Square One requires careful attention to details and thoughtful decision all-throughout, and having Curtis Borel by your side, rest assured that he will help you get through them all seamlessly.